A Lifetime Of Caring

Soft Touch Personal Home Care was founded from a passion sparked by a personal experience of Ms. Bonaparte, CEO.  Her experience began at an early age when her father transitioned to a nursing home facility.  Due to his health concerns, he had an oxygen tank in the house to help him breathe.  No matter how many times the doctor and her mother reminded him, he struggled with smoking. When home during the day by himself he could manage many things on his own – except the temptation of a cigarette.  It came down to the only way her family could manage his need for oxygen and the risks he added to himself and others by smoking, was to move him into an nursing home facility where he could be monitored when her mother was away and her and her sisters were in school.

This was an extremely hard decision for her family – one that her father did not like at all.  Ms. Bonaparte and her sister and would go by every-day after school and visit with him. Their visits helped put him at ease.  While there they would also help care for him which the staff appreciated.  In 1987 both Ms. Bonaparte and her sister began working in the same facility caring for the elderly. She learned a great deal about the value of spending time with the elderly as well as the frustration that can happen when there are simply not enough hands to go around to care for everyone.

After their Father passed, both Ms. Bonaparte and her sister continued to work at the nursing facility.  Since 1987, her personal 30-year journey has led her to pursue a medical degree while remaining employed in the healthcare field holding positions in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, private duty, rehab care and hospital ICU.  Today, Ms. Bonaparte is a Board Certified Nurses Technician, Certified in CPR and by the State of Missouri as a Medication Technician.  She is currently pursing her degree in nursing to become a Registered Nurse while working daily to expand her passion of helping the elderly and their families through Soft Touch Personal Home Care.

Invite Ms. Bonaparte To Educate Your Community About Caring for the Elderly

Ms. Bonaparte has a wealth of knowledge to share with regard to elderly care.  She often reaches families through churches or community groups to help educate them on the options they have for assisting their loved ones gracefully transition the aging process from retirement through hospice care.  If you would like Ms. Bonaparte to share her insights and wisdom with your organization, please call 314-517-1242 to review her availability.